Punnu offers his services in Music and Healing Work privately and for groups and events.

Healing sessions

While Punnu treats his clients he channels the Divine and divine angels to do the work, allowing his body to be a direct vehicle for the healing. With years of studies and experience, he has the compassion and sensitivity to help his clients relax and let go of unwanted problems. You will leave feeling alive, energetic and vibrating at a high frequency.

  • Reiki Grand Master – “Rei” – Spiritual consciousness, God-Consciousness which is all-knowing, understanding each person completely and knowing the cause of all problems and how to heal them. “Ki” – The Life Force, Chi, Prana, Mana. Punnu allows Reiki energy to flow through directly to the affected areas, trusting that the energy and your body know exactly what is needed.
  • Crystal Therapy – The essence of the body is energy. Crystals function as transformers and amplifiers of various energies into biological energies that rebalance and re-energize our biological system on the cellular level, as well as our emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. The premise on which this transfer of energy is based is that the body is a series of crystal systems to which crystal healing techniques are able to transfer energy directly, as from one crystal to another. This transfer of energy aids the system in attaining a certain functional strength in which it can regenerate and balance itself and then maintain the balance.
  • Psychic Surgery – Negative Psychic energy, which is usually composed of negative thoughts and feelings, block the flow of life force and can often encourage disease. This non-physical negative energy forms into clumps with a particular shape and lodges itself in or around the physical organs, chakras or in the aura. It can be removed using Psychic Surgery. This technique can be used to facilitate the healing of issues including physical health problems, career and money problems, emotional difficulties, relationships, addictions, mental problems and spiritual problems.
  • Pranic Healing – Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art that has been adapted and systematized by the founder of modern Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. The principle is simple: We know that every living being possesses the inborn ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing simply enhances this healing process by utilizing the energy of life. This healing is good for not only mental, physical and emotional healing, but also for those on a spiritual quest.
  • Chakra Balancing / Chakra Toning – Chakras are energy bands surrounding the body which govern the transfer of energy to the cells. Energy moves in and out of circular openings in the front and back of the body. When the chakras are out of balance the cells will not maintain, rebuild, or rejuvenate themselves. One may become ill. Balancing the chakras allows proper energy flow to the cells, increasing energy and relaxing tension, and can reduce stiffness and pain significantly.
  • Quantum Touch – Quantum Touch is a method of natural healing that works with the Life Force Energy of the body to promote optimal wellness. Life Force Energy, also known as “chi” or “prana” is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings, and through QT this energy is focused, amplified and directed to points of pain. QT is an effective method for reducing back pain, realigning structure, balancing organ function, glands & systems, reducing muscle aches, healing injuries, healing burns and much more.
  • Healing relationships  Relationships are not part of our life but life is relationships – Healing relationships with parents, current partner or ex-partner(s), child/children, inner child, ancestors etc. Among all these relationships, the most important, the most significant of relationship is our relationship with our parents, whether they are alive or not, whether you are living with them or you are maintaining a distance from them, that does not matter. Our relationship with our parents determines our relationship with everybody else thereafter. If someone has unsettled relationship with the mother, they might go through needless obstacles or have health issues. If someone has unsettled relationship with the father, they might go through financial problems. If any one of these relationships is not alright, then the experience of life itself is not alright and life itself becomes divisive and perceptions begin to get distorted. So many of us believe that the best way to deal with a relationship or heal a relationship is to cut a relationship. We believe if we are physically separate, that’s the best way to deal with it. But we have to understand that our parents don’t live outside of us, they live inside us and we live inside them. There is a very simple and effective way to heal any relationship and to allow for forgiveness to fully take place. 
  • Sound Healing – Traditional Healing Sounds from India. Anahad Naad is the unstruck sound going on in each living being. Musician, spiritual scholar and recording artist, Punnu Wasu has over 35 years of experience in the Hindustani Classical Vocal & devotional chant traditions of Kirtan and Bhajans. In each of his sessions Punnu will access and support the celestial sounds playing within you, allowing for the “inner ears” to open and listen. Heart Sound -nurturing soul connection and expression: Sacred sound bridges the physical world and the intangible world of spirit to unite different aspects of our beings into a unified whole. Heart Sound offers a clear space using voice and traditional instruments to invite authentic expression from the heart for inspired creativity. Gentle guidance and simple techniques for accessing the authentic voice will be offered. A session may also include spoken word.
  • Shiatsu Massage – Anma is a traditional Chinese medicine, and is in fact one of the five foundations of ancient Chinese medicine. In addition to friction and rubbing, Anma includes other techniques such as kneading, vibrating, shaking, exercising, correcting and tapping. All of these techniques are performed on the meridians and vital points, called TSUBO points, which when stimulated through Anma improve the normal circulation of Chi (Vital force) by balancing the excess and shortage of Chi. Consequently, Anma can promote health in one’s body, mind and spirit. Anma can prevent and heal diseases, and is a powerful tool and technique for the maintenance of good health.
  • Swedish Massage –  Swedish massage can improve the flow of blood and lymph throughout our whole body, relax aching muscles, and loosen up joints and connective tissue. It relieves tension and above all creates a general wellbeing that helps to speed up recovery from injuries and maintain a healthy emotional and physical balance.
  • Spiritual Counseling – Spiritual counsellors are said to teach a Divine Understanding of Life that self-empowers the individual. Punnu offers basic supportive counselling for one’s belief and value system, supporting the essence of the individual and facilitating spiritual growth and closure as needed. The goal is to help you find your spiritual self. 
  • Deeksha Blessings – The Oneness Blessing is a non-denominational experience that transfers physical energy, awakening our connection with the oneness in everything. It initiates a neurobiological change in the brain which results in a shift in the perception and experience of life as well as growth in consciousness.
  • Hatha Yoga & Pranayam – trained under Gandhi Gyan Mandir, India
  • Various Meditation practices



Music lessons

  • Harmonium – Over 35 years experience
  • Mandolin – Over 20 years experience
  • Voice – Studied Indian Classical for over 30 years
  • Mantra Chanting – Born and raised by his beloved father who is a priest and Kirtan performer, need we say more?
  • Hanuman Chalisa – All Hanuman lovers… this is the one for you!
  • Gurbani Kirtan & Explanations – Discover a deeper relationship with your devotion.
  • Translations in Hindi, Punjabi & Sanskirt. Did you know that pronunciation actually can change the vibration of the Mantra?
  • Private Bookings for Kirtan / Bollywood – Please send your request to
  • Private music lessons for harmonium, mandolin and chanting mantras (Skype sessions are available on request) – Please send your request to





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