We are THE PUNNU WASU BAND. We invite you to adventure into the heart, devotional ecstasy and beauty of Bhakti Rock. Come as yourself. Sing, move, dance, pray, celebrate or listen! Leave changed.

What is Kirtan and Bhakti Rock?
The word Kirtan comes from the Sanskrit root “kirt” which means “to name, to communicate, to celebrate, to praise, to glorify.” Bhajan, another form of spiritual music in the yogic tradition, usually refers to singing prayers or hymns rather than the repetition of God’s name. Its root, “bhaj” means “to worship, to revere, to love. Then, we take Kirtan and Bhajan and make ~Bhakti Rock~ meaning we take these traditional hymns of divine worship and rock out to them with contemporary western beats.

We follow and respect Indian themes with traditional colors, textures, instruments, and authenticity. Punnu Wasu gives Kirtan/Bhakti Rock an accessible and contemporary twist that is full of bhakti and high energy.

We invite you to connect with The Punnu Wasu Band through the contact page and follow us on the “events” page as we adventure around the globe discovering new musical missions and singing for all of you.

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